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Even if we think about it, it seems that there is no Italian word that would be particularly suitable for translation into English “outsourcing”. English has the ability to make concepts clear without much effort. Out out ) + to source outsourcing much easier and more accurate than the Italian words "outsourcing", "subcontracting", "outsourcing", which are difficult to pronounce and which seem to create problems rather than solve them.    

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a solution that the modern economy has found to reduce direct costs, risks, investment costs and give companies more flexibility by outsourcing certain activities.

This practice, which originated in the United States in the early sixties, is now widespread in Italian companies, both public and private.
The topic is complex and also beyond our competence, but we wanted to draw two general conclusions.

  • Outsourcing does not necessarily mean transfer to offshoring In these cases, the benefits of subcontracting are increased - but also polluted - by the exploitation of cheap labor, more liberal environmental and workplace safety legislation in developing countries.  
  • Outsourcing is more efficient and less annoying when applied to a B2B Business to Business process , and also refers to outsourcing of intelligent processes (outsourcing of KPO knowledge processes) instead of outsourcing of practical processes (BPO) aimed at consumers to individuals. clients. This might seem like narrowing the field, but not if you think that in any case, the volume of B2B transactions is much higher than the volume of B2C ( Business to Costumer transactions .   

Outsourcing and architecture

It is pleasant to think of an architect as a master, thinker, intellectual worker, but the world of construction is vast and complex, and the architect is just one of many characters.

In our opinion, here are some specific phenomena that alienate the architect from the design profession:

  • Architecture includes historical heritage, territory, landscape and environment; he cannot ignore related disciplines such as, for example, urban planning and engineering. All these issues are regulated by complex legislation (especially complex in Italy), which requires a lot of time, which sometimes has nothing to do with the architecture itself. This means creating a lot of documentation, which is often tedious and of little value.   
  • This project, which is primarily a construction tool, is being developed with the support of IT, in particular with the help of CAD, and increasingly with the help of BIM which is called bim modeling outsourcing As with other industries, these tools have revolutionized the construction world. But what we think reversed the design action (I think and then render ) was the ability to modify the building object with obvious little effort and countless times: revision has become the rule. In the pre-IT world, all the necessary checks had to be done before a project was viewed: fixing was seen as a “fix” and was considered a possible practice as it was slow and cumbersome anyway. The opposite is happening now. Remember those revision plates located in the lower right corner of the drawing, just above the cartouche of the executive drawings? They disappear simply because they can't keep up with the reviews they need to list and describe. Another culprit of the phenomenon of "endless change" is the almost "endless availability" of a multitude of technical and material solutions that must be sought, tested, compared and finally chosen.             

This is the world of an outsourcer in the field of architecture and construction, a compiler of boring documentation required by increasingly strict rules, a reviewer of projects already started or completed.

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