6G: how fast it will be… and when will it arrive in Spain



There is an article loaded with futurism in which we come to talk to you about  6G  . You may wonder, how can 6G be if 5G is not fully established yet?

Despite the fact that in some places they are still waiting to obtain  the 5G network  and that the most optimistic forecasts assure that this network will not be fully established until 2022,  a group of telecommunications researchers is already working on the development of 6G  , which will multiply by 100 the benefits of its predecessor.

Let's not rush it, 4G will stay for a few more years trying to recover the enormous investment that this infrastructure represented at the time. Meanwhile, 5G will be launched little by little, which will also involve an exorbitant investment. In Spain, the  5G  standard  is already available in 20 cities  .

The 5G promises speeds of 20 Gb per second Compared to the maximum of  1 Gbps  for  4G  , it also supports a higher density of connections in a smaller area.

One of the large companies participating in the development of this network is  Samsung  , which has recently published  a document in which it explains the development of the 6G proposal  . Although all these investigations remain within a theoretical framework, they anticipate what the jump from one to another will be like.

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What does 6G have to offer over 5G?

6G  technology  will have a download speed of 1,000Gb per second  , compared to 600Mb per second for 5G. The 6G will be able to reach a download speed of up to 1TB per second and  could cover communication under water.

But  i artificial Source Intelligence  is the key factor in the development of this technology. It will allow intelligent systems, such as your mobile phone, to solve problems by  increasing their reliability and efficiency.

Samsung anticipates that the 6G will give us  an even more connected world with different realities  : augmented, virtual and mixed.

In addition, there is talk of the  Internet of the senses  with  holograms that can be touched  , this surely we have all seen in some futuristic film.



6G is the technology that will change the connection of the future and that will be a huge change.

How will it affect our lives that most of the objects that are manufactured collect, analyze and transmit information constantly without renewable and profitable sources of energy for the protection of the planet?

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The  generation and consumption of energy will be uncontrollable and very damaging to our environment  , we will see how the large companies that finance this project will face these disadvantages.

When will the 6G network arrive?

There is still enough for us to see the materialization of this new technological generation. There is talk that it will be installed in Spain between 2030 and 2035, although Samsung estimates that  the commercialization of the 6G will begin in 2028  .

In countries like  China  or  South Korea  , the intention is for the 6G to be ready between 2028 and 2030, giving a 2-4 year window for the pilot to be tested.


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