That night is in a French way from head to tail. All of us are drink-able and talk-able, and we have a quite smart fine dining selection of French Window. We are not the first table that night, while we are absolutely the last one even one hour later than the normal closing time. French Window belongs to Mira Dining Group in Hong Kong, located in IFC Mall, it is a slightly casual French restaurant or say, bistro. Seafood and a line of popular French dishes are available there, also with a name list of familiar desserts. All you can have there, is following the traditional and familiar French cuisine.

More than French cuisine, we were more in wines. To start, we have a sweet and fruity white wine, Lucien Albrecht (Pinot Gris 2012), which is very tasting-easy. Followed by another two red wines, Cote du Rhone and Sarget de Gruaud Larose (2006), obviously we prefer the later one coming from Bordeaux region of France, which accompanied us by two bottles till the midnight. A rich and less sweet taste while still tender for girls to try.

The Seafood Platter $698

Even it seems not the perfect season for French Oyster, the upper plate is still eye-catching. We have shirmp, whelks, clam, conch, crawfish and crab. I love the whelks and conch most (seems they are coming from the same family) for the super chewy texture. Overall, the seafood are fresh and sweet, just some look a little cute small.

French Window mixed French Fries with 7 sauces $198

Hot starter, we have the non-French dish with a French word in name. The big French Fries has three big brother with seven little sisters. Among those three, I love the raw-cut fries in a darker and rougher appearance with the unpeeled potato skin. It's the heaviest potato taste in a thick and solid texture. The sauces are more or less having something with cheese, except the mustard sauce. The most interesting flavor is the middle green one, pesto & cheese, which tastes very light but rich in cream and pesto flavor. I prefer the goat cheese one, which is the strongest but not makes you feel greasy.

Comes to the Main Courses, we choose from each branch (Sea & Land).

Duck Confit and Sauteed Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic Scent ($258), a perfect pan fried duck leg, which has the paper-thin and crispy skin with less oil and almost zero fat. We enjoyed a lot in the super soft but flavorsome duck meat, slice by slice. It's just a little sea salt for the most original flavor of duck with the scent of herbs. The hot and soft potato absorbs the spirit of rosemary and garlic, and you won't waste even a dot from this plate. 

Pan Fried Scallops in Saffron Cream Sauce, Served with Riso ($208), such a garden-look dish to cheer you up. The cream sauce is perfected controlled in a lighter way to be slightly creamy and sweet; with pan fried scallops, it makes a good balance to the grilled or little oily taste, meanwhile brings out the natural seafood sweet. Of course, the freshness of those scallops also help this dish to win our hearts.

The Cheesemonger Platter $128

Three French cheeses with fresh fruits and nuts, they are safely selected to maintain a wide-accepted collection. For me, I would like something heavier in flavor, while those three are not bad choices.

Desserts time is always the most important part throughout the whole night for us, coz all of us are sweet-teeth owners, and girls always have another stomach for sweets.

Chocolate Fondant ($88), it doesn't have the exciting moment of floating chocolate when you cut it into two, while it did bring us a surprising taste. I was guessing the chef melted some cheese with the butter and chocolate. When I was enjoying the bitter and bakery taste of chocolate cake, I recognize a strange cheese taste inside the melted chocolate liquid, and it matches to the chocolate quite well. Salty cheese scent in a bitter-sweeter way, I never expect such a fun in a French restaurant.

Apple Thin Tart ($78) and Raspberry Souffle ($78), the thin layers of apple tart expresses the French pastries' art, while I think the taste is not impressive so much (maybe I was spoiled by chocolate fondant); and so does souffle, actually it is fluffy and light, but I don't have special interest on it, plus I'm not a souffle-fan.

Overall, French Window, deserves the definition of bistro or even Fine Dining. The dishes is just as its prices, following the middle-superior standard, and it has less chances to be found anything not decent there.

* Average spending around $500 per head excluding wines and service charge.

French Window Brassiere and Bar

3101, Podium Level 3, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong
+852 2393 3812
Mon to Sat & Public Holidays. 12nn - 3pm & 6pm - 11pm
Sun. 12nn - 9pm

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