Describe How You Think NBA 2K21 Could Be Better


The fact that there is only a limited amount of time written means that there are a large number of people who want to file complaints about it.  My hopes are high that 2K will be genuine with me.  These issues have been present since the beginning of my gaming career, and they continue today.  It's been a long time since they've changed a thing.  It's a big disappointment for the veteran players.  The posture, movement, NBA2K21 MT and appearance of the figure are all subject to change as the passage of time progresses.  As I prepare to play the ultimate League simulation, it becomes clear that Tatum will remain virtually unchanged by 2030.

Describe how you think NBA 2K21 could be better 

1.The intelligence of computers is inadequate. Since most gamers enjoy playing the ultimate alliance, it is nearly impossible to express dissatisfaction with this aspect of the game.  Exhausted, they may desire a break from their work and wish to watch their team's chemical reaction on the computer screen.  The players are found to be just as mentally handicapped as a NT after opening the most difficult Hall of Fame: they do not pass the empty space, they do not have the right to the ball, they do not run tactics, they do not cooperate, they drag to the last second every time, they force their hand, if there are still a few seconds left in the previous attack, they will never pause, they will catch the ball.

2. No matter what you do, the computer will not start up. My strategy is to control star players and hope to play singles the majority of the time. "And after executing the quick singles tactics, the teammates were still standing in the three-point line, with the opposing inner lines squeezed under the basket, which was a hat, as they had done previously.

3. It is rare to see the fast falling corner because the computer running is not intelligent enough, particularly when grabbing the board and causing it to break down quickly.  Pick and roll will not be called if I do not follow the tactics and do not call for help blocking or covering.

4. Indifferent to the snatch, the computer is a computer.  No matter how close you are, this will be a drag, no matter how much I love and hate it, computer point guard luck to the face.  When you reach the ball's location, move toward it and press the button a few times to take possession of the object.  Stealing the ball is often a simple matter.  Indeed, this isn't the point at all.  To put it another way, the other side does not have a very long recall memory at all.  There won't be any differences the next time around.

5.  The computer will not be the target of any attacks. Generally, players prefer to play star players, and as a result, they frequently score all of the points, while computers are rarely detected.  As soon as the computer is unpacked, it becomes completely useless.  Some games are packed outside the three-point line, allowing plenty of room for the inside line to operate in other games.  There will be a second one after this.  The majority of the time, players tend to make moves, either to score three points or to break through, but the computer never looks at the previous moves (it's as if the coach is just a decorative element).

6. The coaching method is ineffective.  My only question is whether each pause has any effect at all.  Does it appear that the coach has made appropriate adjustments to the situation? Even in a five-minute game, physical damage can occur very quickly.  A 12 minute game is difficult for the majority of people. The acceleration of physical loss makes sense, but does it have to happen at such a rapid pace? 


7.  Strength was absent after three or four rounds.  Extreme care should be taken in the evolution of ability value.  But I also don't understand why it's impossible for a player to improve faster in the Ultimate League if they continue to cultivate and throw the ball, which I believe is impossible.

8. Players are overpriced in comparison to their worth.  During a simulated season, my entire team failed to develop a rookie who scored 75 points (8-man rotation + first attack option), despite the fact that he averaged 25+ points per game.  His final rating was 2 stars, which was the same as Caruso's.  As a result of the low potential, the score did not significantly improve. Apparently, the player demanded a large sum of NBA 2K21 MT.  Even though a large number of players are not desired by the team, they do not alter their anticipated salary expectations.  The players would prefer not to play with the ball rather than accept a lower pay package.



Make an attempt to be creative in NBA 2K21.
1. It is not a true representation of the scene.  This has also been brought up by a number of people.  I believe that the picture has remained largely unchanged since I was seventeen, and I'm sick of being enthralled by appearances anymore.  It's the sweat simulator every time.  Too much wisdom has been invested in the explanation.

2.  I'm not going to go into detail about what happened.  To clarify, is it really that difficult to become a member of the AI language system? Now, do we continue to use the previous trigger analysis? Please believe me when I say that I'm joking.  During the summer, it's been reported that he increased his free throw practice.  So, let us wait and see what happens.  A foul is worthwhile if you do not receive two penalties.

3. The model is still in existence, and the collision mechanism between the characters is illogical.  I pay close attention to the ball as it passes through, especially in layups and dunks.  Run faster than usual, walk slowly on the other, hit after the opposite reaction is not the norm.  When dribbling, the situation is the same as well.  Dribbling is a fine skill.  The ball will become dead or out of shape if you even lightly touch it.

4.  The mechanism of injury is implausible to understand.  Standing injury is frequently a mystery to doctors.  Moreover, there were numerous layups and dunks, which appeared to have all collided with one another, but nothing happened (I really hope to see this type of injury in the game).

5.  The layup is too late to make a difference.  It's true that most of the time each player's corresponding layup action is limited in advance (especially when the fast break is over the basket), but in reality, it varies significantly.

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